The visionary entrepreneur playing in millions today came from surprisingly humble roots. Born and brought up in the trade center of Malaysia, Masjid Jamek, Dato Malik learned early on how to identify business ventures that would go on to make global impact. While many businessmen and entrepreneurs go to Ivy League Schools to study business, Dato Malik gained his knowledge on the streets of Masjid India by immersing himself in the vibrant culture and International exposure his hometown provided him.
The business savvy youngster first wet his feet in the business world to mediocre success, and even saw failure from investment schemes but he used his failures to strengthen his future and kept up his “never quit” attitude, launching him into millionaire status before he was even thirty years old. Today, Dato Malik is still hailed as one of the youngest self-made entrepreneurs of Malaysia, and it is his self-made status that has garnered him much fame, appreciation and even a Datoship conferral by the Sultan of Pahang.
Despite his monumental success however, Dato Malik remains the same kind, humble man from Masjid Jamek that he always was. His faith in the Almighty is unflinching and he believes not only in reaching the top but helpings others up once he’s there. As a result, the great business tycoon is known for his philanthropy. Dato Malik has imitated as well as supported many charitable causes in the past such as distributing free food in the month of Ramadan, giving away school supplies to children in need and doing good for people of all racial and religious backgrounds. Dato Malik has given back as much as he has received, claiming that true strength lies in making others strong.

“The secret to success is simple; we must have unconditional faith in God, work hard at all times and never ever give up, no matter how tough the going gets.”

- Dato Abdul Malik Bin Dasthigeer

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